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-         The Correggio Art Home, an innovative documentation centre dedicated to the Renaissance painter Antonio Allegri, known as “Correggio”, is located in the fully renovated birth house of the artist.
-          The original building, which had a rectangular floor-plan and brick walls with two above-ground storeys and an attic, has been completely renovated while conserving the original structures and reinforcing any additions.
-         All the internal systems have been upgraded to current regulations, modern communication networks have been installed to meet the demands of the centre (technological networks, internet connections and data cables) and an elevator has been added to allow access to the first floor for differently-abled visitors.
-         All materials and finishings used were chosen to respect the aesthetics of the building and to be compatible with its history, construction techniques and original materials.
-         The ground floor of the documentation centre has a reception area, an information desk, a secretarial office, a book shop and an experience room, which is a space with screens and cutting-edge audio-visual technology for group viewings of multimedia products in an original, fully-immersed context with high emotional impact. The room is also used for conferences, debates and meetings.
-         The first floor has a library for consulting the Centre's reference materials and a computer room with work stations for consulting the Centre's databank, doing research and watching the multimedia presentations. The room is also used for meetings. As well, this floor houses the Centre's management office and the washroom.
-         The furniture, decor and lighting have been selected in keeping with both the modern and functional image of the Correggio Art Home and the historical nature of the building. Particular attention was given to the garden, which has been elegantly landscaped and illuminated.