Experience room

The Correggio Art Home is a new study, research and consultation centre on the painter Antonio Allegri, realised by the City of Correggio and the Fondazione Il Correggio with funding from the Region of Emilia Romagna. The centre is hosted in Allegri’s birth house at no. 39 Via Borgovecchio in the historic centre of the Reggian city.
The centre, housed on two floors, is made up of functional, modern spaces including a reception area, an information desk, a bookshop and an experience room. The latter is fitted with two screens and cutting-edge audio-visual technology for group viewings of multimedia products in a fully immersed context with high emotional impact.
The experience room is designed to be an environment for presenting culture in a new and original way by creating an active relationship between the artwork and the visitor, who is literally “taken by the hand” and guided through the original presentations.
The importance of this room derives from the concept of the Correggio Art Home as not only a space dedicated to the painter Antonio Allegri but also a reference point for a wide audience interested in a direct relationship with the history of the City of Correggio and its artistic assets through a variety of innovative activities.
The room was conceived as a new cultural space for the entire City and to be used for the activities of the centre, the museum, the art gallery and other local institutions, as well as for conferences, encounters with authors and small conventions.