Antonio Allegri's Works in Correggio

Several of Antonio Allegri’s works remained in Correggio in the Churches of St. Francis and St. Mary of Mercy until the mid 17th century. The Church of St. Francis held the “Madonna of St. Francis” (now in Dresden) commissioned from the artist in 1514 and the “Rest on the Flight into Egypt with St. Francis” (now in Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi) dateable to 1520 and considered by academics to be the last altarpiece of the first period of Correggio’s career.
Both paintings were absconded with in 1638 by Duke Francesco I d’Este. The “Madonna” went to the palatine collections in Dresden in the 1700s and the “Rest”,which was replaced with a copy by Boulanger that now hangs in the Correggio Museum, went to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in 1649.
Another two paintings were conserved in the old Church of St. Mary of Mercy: the “Four Saints” (1516-17), now in New York, an altered copy of which by Giovanni Capretti now hangs in the Correggio Museum; the “Triptych of the Humanity of Christ”, which was fully accounted for until 1613 and is now partially dispersed; and the fresco “Madonna and Child with Saints Quirino and Francis”. The latter work comes from the old Church of St. Quirino, from which it was removed along with the wall in 1514 and placed in St. Mary’s. In 1787 it entered the collections of the Ducal Palace in Modena, where it still hangs.
Another reminder of the artist is the building now known as Correggio’s Birth House, which was constructed in 1754-55 on the spot where the original Allegri family home once stood. It underwent extensive renovations in 1930 and 1931.
Unfortunately, the commanding town villa of Veronica Gambara, which according to tradition had three hundred rooms, some of which frescoed by Correggio, has been completely lost.